The Uniqueness of Yogyakarta for the Development of Creative Industry

FLA-Karangmalang. Yogyakarta has a uniqueness that is worth to be proud of in creative industry, especially fine arts. Unlike other cities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta has a number of infrastructures to support the artist to show their works to the society. Most of the infrastructures are being managed independently by the artists themselves and the rest of them are being managed by the government. It indicates that the awareness of arts in this city is great. Here are some opinions from Katherine Bruhn, doctorate candidate from University of California, Barkeley at a Public Lecture entitled Contemporery Arts and Creative Economy, on Thursday (8/3/2018) at PLA Seminar Room 3rd floor, Faculty of Languages and Arts State University of Yogyakarta.

”Fine arts of Yogyakarta is one of the interesting case to be studied. This field is worthy to develop,” said Kathrine who has been doing research in Yogyakarta since 2011. She said that Yogyakarta is unique for fine arts development not only because it has adequate infrastructure for introducing the arts to the society, but also for her Yogyakarta becomes the place for the art communities to arise. “Not many cities have this potential.” She added in the events held by the cooperation of American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS) with Faculty of Languages and Arts State University of Yogyakarta. AIFIS is a consortium of many universities and colleges in America which have interest in the studies about Indonesia.

Dr. Hadjar Pamadhi, M.A.,Hons, a lecturer of Faculty of Languages and Arts State University of Yogyakarta who was also a speaker on the same occasion, agreed with Kathrine Burhn opinion. He said that Yogyakarta becomes more unique because in this city every form of arts can be presented. “Yogyakarta is able to bring primitive arts, traditional arts, and contemporary arts,” stated by the researcher as well as the head of Museum of Indonesian Education, State University of Yogyakarta. According to him, Yogyakarta is the biggest art exhibition. Malioboro, for instance, can be openly becomes the biggest exhibition space. This concept can make the community of Yogyakarta more welcome to the artists’ works.

The discussion which attended by more than 200 students was held to open students’ knowledge and awareness, especially for the students of Fine Arts Study Program to develop their selves. The Faculty of Languages and Arts State University of Yogyakarta hopes they can be the part of the development of creative industry. “We hope that the creative industry program can be implemented and develop well,” explained by Dr. Maman Suryaman in his speech, as the Vice Dean I of Faculty of Languages and Arts State University of Yogyakarta.[translate : denok/evanda]