Literature Develops Religiosity and Humanity

FLA-KARANGMALANG – Literature become an alternative to develop the values of religiosity and humanity for living in a nation. Literature gives insight through figures, events, problems, religious backgrounds, and cultures. As an aesthetic communication system, literature is not only present stories, but also moral values. It is not only in an aesthetic expression form, but also in certain forms.

Those are some points presented by the Professor of Indonesian Literature Learning Science of Yogyakarta State University, Prof. Dr. Suroso, M.Pd., while delivering speech for Professor Inauguration in Yogyakarta State University Rector Building’s Main Conference Room, on Wednesday (14/03/2018). Quoting Mangunwijaya’s (1998) opinion which said that from the beginning, literature work is religious. “Religious come from a word relego which means to checking back, considering, and cogitating, using conscience. All those meanings are included in all of our activities when we encounter literature.” said Suroso.

In fact, add Suroso as he quoting Sayuti (1999), there are three areas which have been used as the source of the creation of literature work. These three areas are religious life, social life, and individual life. This emphasize that the present of literature touches the values of religiosity, humanity, and also universality.

 “The values of religiosity and humanity which are within the literature work become important and can be used in the nation’s character development.” said Suroso, who had been living in China to teach Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Qujing Normal University.

According to him, there are four steps of character development through literature work. First, accustoming in reading folklore. Second, introducing the characters in biography or autobiography literature work. Third, reading literature works which contain daily life. Fourth, reading culture-contextualized literature works. “Therefore, literature gives benefits and entertainments as well as knowledge of any kinds of problems, especially the values of religiosity, humanity, and multiculturalism. “ said Suroso.[dby/Irfan]