HUE Japan: Language Teaching Discussion and Comparative Study with English Education Dept. in FLA YSU

FLA-KARANGMALANG. Three lecturers from Hokkaido University of Education (HUE), Japan on Thursday (7/9/2017), conducted a comparative study in English Language Department of Faculty of Languages and Arts, Yogyakarta State University (FLA YSU). The three lecturers were Prof. Ryuichi Yorozuya, Prof. Akinobu Shimura, and Kimiko Yorozuya. The meeting was held in the seminar room of Lecture Building I FLA YSU, the three lecturers from the Sakura country explored the process of teaching English in English Education Study Program in FLA YSU. "We want to study and compare between the language teaching in Hokkaido University of Education (HUE) and in here," said Akinobu Shimura, as Associate Professor of English Education HUE.

On the particular occasion, lecturers from HUE Japan together with lecturers from English Education Department in FLA YSU were discussing about language teaching. It was followed with testimony from 5 (five) students of our English Education Department. In addition to discussing the learning process in general, the representatives from HUE also wanted to get a complete idea of how we establish English teachers. The head of English Education Department, Sukarno, M.Hum., explained the stages of lectures and internship programs to improve students’ competency. Other than an explanation from Sukarno, M.Hum., the representatives of English Education students also gave statements of their experience in the lectures and internship programs.

"My impression is that students of English Education Department in FLA YSU are braver and more confident to teach English," said Prof. Yorozuya Ryuichi after listening to the students' explanations. English Education Department in FLA YSU was designing the students to follow three stages of internship. The first stage was held in the fifth semester for English Instructional Technology course. The second stage was conducted through a micro teaching program and the third stage was in Teaching Practice.

"This is a good chance to start further cooperation between HUE Japan and FLA YSU," said Dean of FLA YSU, Dr. Widyastuti Purbani, M.A. A number of similarities between the two universities opened opportunities for further cooperation in the form of student exchanges, credit transfer, and research. "These opportunities will be followed up with intensive communication after this meeting," added Nuning Catur Sri Wilujeng, M.A., as Chairman of Partnership and Public Relations Office in FLA YSU. [dby/anjr/translate ismii]

Pictures here.

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