Getting close to James Joyce with Kozuhiro Doki from AUE Japan

FLA-Karangmalang. Jim, the nickname of James Joyce, is a literary writer of 20th century who has a powerful influence. He is known as a pioneer of “stream of consciousness” writing technique in a modern literary writing. The works of James Augustine Wake are A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses (1922), and Finnegans Wake , Dubliners (a collection of short story), Exiles (1918, a collection of drama script), and two collections of poetry which are Chamber Music (1907) and Pomes Penyeach (1927). Meanwhile his novel entitled Stephen Hero is published after Jim’s death in 1944.

Thursday, (15/3/2018) James Joyce that born on 2nd February 1882 in Dublin, Ireland was discussed in a Guest Lecture entitled ”James Joyce and His Literary Works” by Prof. Kozuhiro Doki, Ph.D. from Aichi University of Education, Japan. A figure of Jim was presented at seminar room of GK I, 2nd floor. Ulysses was also being discussed, especially the novel is considered as a semi-autobiography works from the writer itself. The story of the novel is only occur in a day and is centered around three main characters, which are a married couple (Leopold Bloom and Marion Bloom) and Stephen Dedalus.

More than 200 students were presented during the public lecture. They were engaged in a discussion that was led by Susana Widyastuti, M.A. Meanwhile in a different place another discussion entitled “Some Aspect of the History of the English language” by Prof. Yoshitaka Kozuka, Ph.D. from AUE Japan was also being held. “These programs are happened because of the cooperation between UNY and AUE Japan. Prior in last year we sent lecturers and students to Japan. Now it is their turn to visit Indonesia as well as knowing the culture of Indonesia," said by Erna Andriyanti, Ph.D., as the Head of Partnerships, Public Relation and International Affairs office.[dby/denok/evanda]