FLA-KARANGMALANG – Student Executive Board (SEB) act as a vessel for the students. SEB consists of several department. In Faculty of Languages and Arts (FLA) UNY, the SEB has 5 departments. One of the departments is the Department of Infokomjar (Information, Communication, Media, and Networking) conducted a media visit to Mojok.co editorial office. The visit was conducted on Thursday, 13 April 2018 starting from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. received tremendous responses from the student organizations in FLA YSU. This media visit aims to give knowledge related to authorship and media management.

The form of the visit was a discussion. According to Tomi, the discussion went hearty and intimate also more to the “relax and go-with-flow” vibe. The discussions was started with a slight introduction of Mojok.co by their ranks of editorial department which later continued with question and answer session from the participants. One of the reasons they conduct the media visit to Mojok.co was because their contents are the ones which are fresh and can be related to college life. Accordance to those things, the aim of Mojok.co’s contents are the youth, including college students. As the head of the editorial deparmetment in Mojok.co, Prima Sulistya said that Mojok.co is the number 1 opinion site in Indonesia. Mojok.co has a lot of unique characteristics which the other media did not have. The readers of Mojok.co are the loyal ones. The always come back to read more contents.

With this visit, “We hope that the knowledge about authorship and media management may help all the members of student organizations in managing their media and in writing a script for the sake of their publication. “ said Tomi as the head of Infokomjar Department of BEM FBS 2018. According to one of the participants of the visit, Syafiq Addarisiy, he said that this kind of visit is a great event. He also suggests that this kind of event should be held in the future with a better preparation. Via Ajeng, also one of the participants said that “Media is a spearhead of information which is very influencing. To learn how to manage it is what we really need. A college student is demanded to have knowledge of all.” [Siti Zulaikha/Sastra Indonesia 2016/BEM FBS 2018/Irfan]